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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm christie smith, live in hayward with the family of a missing nurse student. they are frustrating with the investigation. coming up, who they want to step up in a live report. gunmen target a gunman leaving a baby shower, killing an infant. the manhunt for the man who pulled the trigger. plus, rescue crews stand by on shore as a man drowns. why they are poking holes into the rescue crew's side of the
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story. looks like a live look outside. it's monday, june 6th. this is today in the east bay. good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we are starting the workweek with more showers in the east bay this morning. what i can tell you is once we get through the showers in fremont and hayward, we are in store for a substantial warm up. finally, it's going to feel like spring and summer. it's monday. you have to get to work on time. let's check the drive with mike. >> there were sprinkles as i drove in this morning. the maze is showing 880, 580 all moving nicely toward the maze.
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just after 4:30 on a monday morning. clears from northbound 880 past highway 92. past a street, there should be activity. chp considered it out of the roadway. 92 and 880 moving nicely this morning. >> that you can very much, mike. a family desperate for clues. loved ones searching for a missing nursing student. they want to fbi to take the lead. christie smith is live with the latest development. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. she was last seen on may 27th. here it is monday june 6th. simply put, family and friends were getting frustrated with the slow pace of the investigation. the 26-year-old was last seen when she went out to her car
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during break in hayward. her family believes ha hayward police don't have the staff to take it on. they didn't search her apartment until four days after she disappeared. it would take two weeks to get results back from the search of her car. in a statement, the family says, we have been assured they have personnel working around the clock and only six personnel are assigned to the team. of those, three recently went on vacation. the hayward police department said they contacted the fbi early on and utilized some of their reserve. they served search warrants in the case and are committed to solving it. thank you very much, christie. now to the peninsula where a 3-month-old baby is dead caught in the cross fire after gunmen
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targeted people leaving a baby shower. east palo alto police fired as they were getting into their car at around 1:00 yesterday morning. the baby's father was shot in the shoulder and the mother in the back. she was trying to shield her children from the bullets. they are both expected to recover. a 3-year-old boy was not injured. >> clearly, any shooting is a tragedy. but when it's a child, a 3-month-old child. my message is we are going to find you. >> take a look at the sketches. these are the men that fire sbood the family's car. they were wearing dark hoodies and beanys. a child falls. this morning, an east bay family
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is thankful their son is alive. the boy is recovering at a children's hospital in on the yough. contra costa fire say the boy leaned across the screen and fell through head first. the boy was awake and able to answer questions when they arrived. still no verdict in the chauncey bailey trial. jurors did not deliberate on friday. they are trying to decide if bay ordered the murder of the men. this morning, oakland detectives are busy investigating three separate weekend shootings. now, a man from vallejo is in critical condition after he and three others were shot. around 2:00 sunday morning.
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just before that, a 52-year-old man was injured in a separate shooting on 90th avenue in east oakland. in the meantime, saturday, a 51-year-old was shot and killed, leading to the arrest of those shooters. oakland city leaders are taking action. mayor jean kwon will be on hand at highland hospital. it will make it easier for police to communicate during emergencies. several times during the past year, police units had to use their cell phones instead of radios because of a glitch in the system. how firefighters responding to a drowning say they never asked for help from rescuers.
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they asked several agencies. the agencies are now telling the contra costa city times they called them but only asked if marine units are on patrol, but they hung up before telling them what was going on. city police and firefighters watched from the shore and did nothing as a suicidal man drown on memorial day. department policies prevented them from rescuing that man. an autopsy will be done today or tomorrow on another man who died in waters this weekend. the man lived on a sailboat in the grandma rinna. he died yesterday morning after falling into the water. one of the biggest wildfires in arizona is growing larger this morning as more people are leaving their homes to escape the wall of fire.
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more than 184,000 acres are burning in arizona near the mexico border. the fire has been burning for more than a week now. the firefighters can't get a hand on the blaze. 2300 firefighters are still on the scene. four rental cabins have been destroyed. so far, no injuries reported. strange weather over the weekend here. what's in store for the rest of the week? >> good morning. yeah, you made it through the weekend. we had a rough weekend in the weather department. things are significantly improving. this morning it's pushing into southern california. light showers in the east bay now. take a look at where the swirl is. right now, it's located over southern california. if you are headed down that way for travel for business, take it
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easy. that's where the rain has headed. for us, we are going to see a few light scattered showers on and off the day. light thunderstorms are possible. the temperatures are down right tropical. 57 degrees. the seven day outlook coming up in moments. unusual weather but we are going to see a lot of improvement for the end of the week. 4:39 now. >> we are looking over here at antioch. eastbound highway 4 is closed up with overnight construction. this week, crews will be picked up by 5:00 a.m. through sacramento county, closures starting tomorrow. check my facebook page. it's well outside the viewing area. we are looking to livermore,
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coming into the area westbound out of altamont pass. no delays for 580. the camera is shaking a bit. no wind advisory. none reported on chp here. a couple lanes are blocked out of san francisco on the lower deck. the high-rise, you might catch a gust or two. the camera is steady on the hay ward side. >> you tell us a lot about highway 4 and construction crews are ready to get to work to ease the commute. will a funding tie up prove to be a problem? they need $33 million to add on and off ramps at sand creek road and widen it from laurel road to sand creek. the project should only get $25 million. contra costa says they will lobby for the full amount coming
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up on june 22nd. also coming up, could nintendo crush the competition as the new video game controller? new changes to the wii. plus, could a nintendo hack mean your private information could be leaked? we'll explain? inside the mind of an apple genius. steve jobs biography is a best teller and it hasn't hit 2 shelves yet. sarah palin defends her loose interpretation of paul revere's life. why she says she didn't mess up. this is a live look inside the control room, where it all happens. how they make us look greaout here. it's 4:41 right now.
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this morning, a sneak peek at the new "star wars" game for kinect. microsoft studios will formally announce the game in l.a. it is the first time "star wars" joined forces with the x box 360. it's for all ages and should hit store shelves this winter. after two years of shrinking wii sales, nintendo is pressing
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play on the gaming system. a big announcement will happen at the e-3 expo. nintendo is keeping it kauai it now, but they are talking hi-definition graphics and touch screen controllers. new reports of hackers targetinging the systems. with more on that, let's turn to bi birtha with cnbc. futures are at a lower start after the very disappointing jobs report on friday. only 54,000 jobs. this economy is stalling further and some of them think it's going to tie the hands of the federal reserve. now, they are not likely to raise interest rates for more than a year.
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maybe until the end of next year. asian markets this morning were weaker and europe has been trading lower. we don't have economic data today but we have word on import prices and trade deficit. after falling 97 points on friday, it was a rough week particularly for tech. nasdaq lost 40 to 2730. it's not just sony, speaking of tech. nintendo says it was attacked by hackers. a company saying sunday the servers were broken into several weeks ago. no consumer data was stolen. the hacker group admits to targeting nintendo. they say it didn't mean harm. i guess they do these things for fun. it's the same group that infiltrated the website of sony
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pictures, and fox. steve jobs is going to unveil is new i cloud that lets them store online and play from any apple device. they think it's going to strengthen them more. jobs will show off the operating system for the mac and the iphone. this is the second time he's come back from his medical leave. >> a lot of people want to hear what he has to say. thank you. speaking of steve jobs, wish you could get into his mind? amazon is already taking orders for his authorized biography. it's the book of jobs. $14.99 for the kindle version. he spent years interviewing
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jobs, colleagues and competitors. it is scheduled for release march, 2012. let's check in with christina. >> gotta get up and moving. it is monday. we have showers on the roadway that could hamper a smooth commute this morning. watch out for that. we have showers moving through the east bay. most of the action is pushing through the south. it's brought rain over the weekend. this is what we are looking at in terms of the forecast. this core is going to continue to travel to the east. a few light showers throughout the day. nothing heavy. the future cast tells the story this morning. you can see by 9:00 a.m., it will be mostly clear around the bay area throughout the afternoon. completely clear. 7:00 p.m. shows a little activity over the sierra nevada.
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your numbers are down right warm this morning in hayward. 57 degrees. 58 in san jose. mild here in the north bay this morning. because it's so warm to start out, we will easily hit the upper 60s in the south bay. 68 degrees in san jose. of course, we have a giant's game in town. we'll have the forecast coming up after a big win. 73 degrees as we head into tuesday. 75 on wednesday. temperatures stay nice. hover in the 70s all week long. >> it's very nice. >> break out the short sleeves, ladies. >> i don't know about that. 4:49 now. the retraction is coming. sarah palin now defending her take on paul revere's ride. here is her response when asked about the historic midnight ride. >> he, who warned the british they weren't going to take away
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or arms and making sure as he's riding his horse through town to send the warning shots and bells we were going to be secure an free. >> palin insists she didn't mess up, telling fox news i answered candidly and i know my american history. according to history books he road from boston to lexington to warn that british troops were marching to arrest them. one of the world's financial leaders answers to charges of sexually assaulting a maid. what he's expected to tell the judge today. be careful what you wish for. the facebook lynn tok this out of control house party could get a 15-year-old grounded for life. a
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welcome back, everyone. it is 4:53 right now. the former chief of the international monetary fund is expected to plead not guilty to sexual sexually molesting an employee. police say he assaulted a housekeeping employee in new york on may 14th. strauss-kahn -- marla tellez is in the news room with a preview
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this morning. >> the budget in san jose is over budget reform. they are facing a $115 million deficit. they are setting up camp across from city hall, literally challenging city leaders to restart negotiations. plus the bay area set a record over the weekend for rainfall in june? are we finally done? christina will have the finale of the wet weather. >> i'm learning, you have to keep the umbrella with you at all times, it seems like. thank you very much. need a rain bonnet. the next time you decide to throw a house party, think twice before listing it as a public event. ask a 15-year-old in germany. she marked her birthday party without realizing friends woulds bring their friends and their
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prends and so on. 1600 people showed up to the party. it attracted the attention of police who arrested 16 people. it's unclear if the girl will be on house arrest by her parents. quite a party. all right. let's check the morning commute. if my kids ever do that -- >> wow. all right. look on the roadway. too many people show up to the east shore freeway. no issues like that. christina is talking about the showers pushing through. there might have been overnight rain. 18 minute drive off the car keen as bridge. just past 92 moved off the roadway. no major construction here at castro valley. a live look at 880 between the two spots.
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a nice easy, steady, clear spot. no shaking going on there. we'll follow that. winds could develop there as well. if you have seen "napoleon dynamite," you know what a liger is. >> what are you drawing. >> a liger. >> what's a liger? >> a lyon and tiger mixed. >> it's a great day when we can start out showing a "napoleon dynamite" clip. these are liger's. the zoo in eastern china will let the visitors see the two new cubs come october. 4:56 right now. a dead body tossed into the front lawn of a south bay home. what police are telling us this morning. a live look outside the beautiful bay bridge this
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morning. what is in store in we'll check the forecast with christina.
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a 3-month-old baby boy is shot and killed. coming up, why authorities believe it was a targeted shooting. plus the supreme court getting ready to rule on the violent video game law. i'm damian trujillo, live at san jose city hall. coming up, the creative way unions are telling the city they want to talk pension reform now. >> let's take a live look outside now.


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